Aerodrome Compliance and Civil Pty Ltd offers a full complement of aerodrome compliance management, assisting all certified and registered aerodromes.

In addition, ACC can also prepare applications for certication and registration.

Company Profile

ACC specialises in the following management responsibilities:

  1. Civil Engineering Survey Control
  2. Aerodrome Technical Inspections and Aerodrome Safety Inspections;
  3. Aerodrome Manual reviews;
  4. Project Management and Supervision of Civil Engineering Projects
  5. Aerodrome Emergency Plan reviews and assistance with testing of the plan;
  6. Safety Management System review;
  7. Aerodrome Maintenance & Linemarking
  8. Preparation of Aerodrome documentation to support CASR 139 and MOS Part 139 compliance;
  9. Supply & Training of Aerodrome Reporting Officer

Mal Wilhelm (Managing Director) is an aviation industry professional with more than 20 years experience in aerodrome construction, design, maintenance and management.